10. The Long Goodbye (1973)


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Roger's original review of this movie is really not that bad. He gave it three stars. In 2006 he adds it to his list of Great Movies, which are really 5 star movies. So, in his original review he was off by two stars.
He says in his original review : "Robert Altman's The Long Goodbye attempts to do a very interesting thing. It tries to be all genre and no story, and it almost works. It makes no serious effort to reproduce the Raymond Chandler detective novel it's based on; instead, it just takes all the characters out of that novel and lets them stew together in something that feels like a private-eye movie."
He felt that Altman's take on Marlowe almost worked. In 2006 he would say "The Long Goodbye should not be anybody's first film noir, nor their first Altman movie. Most of its effect comes from the way it pushes against the genre, and the way Altman undermines the premise of all private eye movies, which is that the hero can walk down mean streets, see clearly, and tell right from wrong. The man of honor from 1953 is lost in the hazy narcissism of 1973, and it's not all right with him." I like the fact that Roger is able to change his mind on movies and show us this change in print. Both reviews are posted on his web site. The Long Goodbye is a great movie and Roger is a big enough man to admit it.

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