3. Blade Runner (1982)


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It took Roger a long time to come around on this great movie. Roger has links to his original review, his review of the Director's Cut and his Final Cut in which he finally, although reluctantly, admits it into his list of Great Movies. In his first two reviews in 1982 and in 1992 he gave it just 3 stars.
Roger says a lot of silly things in his original review. He said. "The movie's weakness, however, is that it allows the special effects technology to overwhelm its story. Ford is tough and low-key in the central role, and Rutger Hauer and Sean Young are effective as two of the replicants, but the movie isn't really interested in these people -- or creatures." He couldn't have been more wrong. The movie is all about these people and what makes them or doesn't make them human.
He finishes by saying, "The obligatory love affair is pro forma, the villains are standard issue, and the climax is yet one more of those cliffhangers, with Ford dangling over an abyss by his fingertips. The movie has the same trouble as the replicants: Instead of flesh and blood, its dreams are of mechanical men."
Here is a link to his 'At The Movies' review from 1982. Roger didn't like the movie too much as you can see. About half way through he stopped carrying about the characters.
Roger, you missed a great movie in 1982. I'm glad you gave this great movie another look (even if it took you 25 years).

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